Phytoplankton the Origin of Life



We unleash the full potential of phytoplankton, harnessing its natural complexity to impulse a triple good:

Good for life

Empowering public health and disease prevention through our phytoplankton solutions.

Good for change

Cultivating enduring partnerships with purpose-driven companies committed to long-term impact.

Good for the planet

Championing a sustainable, green supply chain that prioritizes environmental well-being.

We need to act

We need to act
Time is running out

Indicators are clear: our consumption has to change.
Time to be conscious, rational and responsible.

of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions is linked to food.
Source: United Nations, "Food and Climate Change: Healthy diets for a healthier planet", July 2022
of the Planet’s available fresh water goes toward crops and raising livestock.
Source: CNN Tech, "Experts say algae is the food of the future.", June 2018
more food needed by 2050 but climate change may reduce crop yield.
Source: United Nations, “World Resources Report: Creating a Sustainable Food Future”, December 2013
9 out of 10
of the major crops will experience reduced or stagnant growth rate.
Source: FAO, "The future of food and agriculture, Alternative pathways to 2050", 2018
The World population will reach
9,8 billion
by 2050.
Source: United Nations, "World Population Prospects 2022", 2022
3,1 billion
people could not afford a healthy diet in 2020. This is 112 million more than in 2019.
Source: FAO, IFAD, UNICEF, WFP and WHO, "The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2022.", 2022

Time is running out

Indicators are clear: our consumption has to changed.
Time to be conscious, rational and responsable.

Our story

In a World grappling with critical challenges of demographics, aging, and climate change, turning a blind eye is not an option. At Plankton First, we are dedicated to integrating sustainable phytoplankton into people's daily lives. Through our holistic approach to phytoplankton, we are committed to shaping a better future.

With our sprawling 40-hectare plant, we strive to become Europe's premier producer of Nannochloropsis. Based in a Natura 2000 area, we are aiming to reach a 100-hectare plant by 2025. Our biorefinery plant will be opened on that same year giving us the opportunity to extract proteins and polyamines of high quality.

With Swiss-inspired precision and Greek-rooted passion, our team of scientists and sustainability advocates is here to empower professionals in their industries and guide consumers on their transformative journeys.

Meet NannOcea

Nannochloropsis Oceanica is a single cell phytoplankton that is highly nutritious and safe to eat.
We produce NannOcea™, a balanced source of more than 60 essential nutrients and the highest EPA content among phytoplankton which provides holistic health and well-being benefits.

But first, what is phytoplankton?

Phytoplankton are small, photosynthetic organisms that drift in aquatic environments, such as oceans, lakes, and rivers. These organisms are of great importance for the origin of life.

Acting as the foundation of the food chain in numerous marine and freshwater ecosystems, these small, single-celled algae play a vital role. Beyond their impact on the food chain, phytoplankton also contribute significantly to global carbon cycle.

By absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen through photosynthesis, they shape the delicate balance of our planet's ecosystems. Scientists estimate that at least 50 percent of the oxygen in our atmosphere has been produced by phytoplankton.

Natural, renewable and sustainable

Through photosynthesis, phytoplankton provide us the oxygen we need to breathe

Every ton of phytoplankton consumes up to 1.8 tons of CO₂

They are autotrophic: they produce their own food using light, water and carbon dioxide

They are safe to eat

They can grow on non-arable land making them the most sustainable source of nutrients

Highly Nutritious

Phytoplankton are the first step in the aquatic food chain, thus the first natural food

They are the most nutrient-rich organism on the planet: high quality complete proteins, all 9 essential amino acids, rich in omega 3, 6, 7, 9

They are a high source of polysaccharides with natural antibacterial properties

They are 100% natural, allergen-free and vegan

A multitude of market opportunities

Animal feed

Dietary Supplement

Pet Supplement


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